If you need more reasons why payday loans are the smart choice, here are ten:

1. Payday Loans Are Better than Banks

Walking into the local bank for a payday loan means having to spend almost an entire day, waiting in line and doing paperwork, not to mention banks never give loans for small but urgent financial emergencies.

2. Money Upfront

Payday loans are deposited into your account the same day you need them. You can not wait two weeks for the next paycheck when the ceiling has started leaking. Payday loans mean money in your hands.

3. Hassle-free Application

All you need is to go online and fire up the search engine to look for top rated lenders who offer the best deal. It takes as little as 15 minutes of your time, saving you the hours-long negotiation at the storefront.

4. Quick Solutions

Car repairs can cause a lot of trouble especially when they can’t wait. Top rated lenders offer up to $1,500 to cover your auto repair needs.

5. Cash Next Morning

If the financial emergency comes up today, then you apply for fast cash in the evening. By morning you’ll have the money deposited into your account. Your problem is solved in less than 24 hours.

6. Your money Is Safe

Going to a storefront lender means having to carry check or cash afterward. Payday loans are delivered through a direct deposit system into your savings account. No more worrying about potentially losing that cash.

7. Payday Loans Can Improve Your Credit Score

Top rated online lenders don’t look at credit scores when you apply for a payday loan. They only require that you have a savings account and steady income. But payday loans can actually improve your credit score by helping you keep up with your bills. The better you manage the calendar for your due dates, the more you will improve your credit score.

8. Credit Cards Are Hard to Get

Those who don’t have credit cards find it harder to apply for one these days. Payday loans are the best alternative. They won’t keep you in debt since the payment is withdrawn directly from your salary.

9. Your Information Is Kept Safe

Trusted lenders use the best encryption technology. Your personal information is guarded and transactions between you and top rated lenders stay confidential.

10. Payday Loans Are for Your Whole Family

It’s not just your financial emergency. With payday loans you’ll be able to help out any family member in need of extra cash.